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Royal Misadventures #8

Lady in Waiting (Part 1)

One dutiful lady.

Two potential romances.

A sure thing or a chance at epic.


I feel like my whole life is waiting. What I'm waiting on exactly, I'm not sure. But now my sister, Tati, is engaged to the heir to Gallyr's throne, I'm most certainly waiting on her.

She doesn't want it or expect it, but I'm the sister who follows protocol. I'm the one who dosn't make a scene and behaves like a Lady.

Inside, I'm dying to be like her. But grand love stories aren't for the little people. Lord Barr wasn't my first choice, but I like him.

Of course now would be the time my first choice actually notices me.

The Royal Misadventures series:

#1 Now Presenting: I'm No Princess (Part 1)

#2 Lady in Training: I'm No Princess (Part 2)

#3 Three of a Kind: I'm No Princess (Part 3)

#4 Some Proposal: I'm No Princess (Part 4)

#5 Royally Unprepared: Prince of Pout (Part 1)

#6 Royals in Dating: Almost Royal (Part 1)

#7 Wishing you a Merry Misadventure

#8 Now Undecided: Lady in Waiting (Part 1) – coming soon

Please be aware that this story uses Australian English spelling and syntax.

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