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Accidentally Perfect front award sticker

No one falls in love because of a roommate mistake.

June 2021

When I find a half-naked guy standing in my dormitory at my new boarding school, I assume he’s my roommate’s boyfriend.

He introduces himself as Alex and I introduce myself as Lottie.

When he tells me he’s Sasha and was expecting Elliott, I see what happened.

Someone knew I was a girl or he was a guy, and made some glaringly incorrect assumptions about the other one, meaning we were assigned as roommates.

The new dorm mistress tells us we’re stuck with each other, at least for the short-term. What starts out as playful ribbing between my studious self and the jacked-up jock becomes something a little more friendly as his friends take me in as one of their own.

Soon, I’m their ticket to the ways of the female heart. But not my heart. Because, I mean, no one falls in love just because of a roommate mistake.

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