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Loving the Sykes #3

January 2021


I hadn’t seen her in fifteen years. She’d moved away and we’d gone our separate ways. I’d never forgotten her, but she’d faded into a distant memory. I’d never thought of reaching out, but I had to tell her our son had arrived on my doorstep, even if he begged me not to.

I know Ashton doesn’t mean we have to be together, but as soon as I see her the old spark is reignited even stronger than before.

This time I won’t let her walk away.


I’d kept the secret for fifteen years. I’d left the first boy I’d ever loved before I found out, and after it just seemed like I’d be messing up both our lives. I told myself for years that we were all better off. Then Ashton goes and decides to blow the whole thing wide open.

I always hated people who stayed together for the sake of a child. But maybe, as much as I love him, it’s less because of our son and more in spite of.

Maybe this time I won’t push him away.

A STANDALONE second-chance romance with a HEA.

Please be aware that this story is set in Australia and therefore uses Australian English spelling and syntax.

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Loving the Sykes
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