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the Romeo + Juliet Experiment

the Romeo + Juliet Experiment

Get a little taste of what my YA books have to offer with a Pithy Pooka: a series of complete, standalone shorts. 

Girl + guy + three days = greatest love story ever.
Yeah, right.

Jess Clayton had no interest in romance. The teen cynic was convinced it was all a ruse made up to lure you into stupidity and part you from your hard-earned pennies. No matter how many people asked her out – not that there was a line or anything – she refused to date.

When it came to romance, Ryan Miller had been there and done that. The re-reformed bad boy had already done his redemption romance story only to have his supposed one true love go and break his heart. He really wasn’t interested in going through all that mess again.

So, when the two come together for a Year 12 English camp with the express purpose of testing the legend of Romeo and Juliet falling in love in three days, nothing could possibly go wrong. After all, it was impossible to fall in love with someone in three days. Wasn’t it?

Wilderness + teenagers + camping = true love?
Over our dead bodies.

Please be aware that this story is set in Australia and therefore uses Australian English spelling and syntax.