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The [Bad Boy's Guide to...] is a series of satirical romances full of over the top situations and cliched characters that know exactly what they are. They're designed to make you laugh and help you find that next book boyfriend.

There is no designated end for the series, and I'll keep writing them as long as I have ideas for them.

None of them are recommended for younger readers due to mature content, and each book can be read as a standalone.

Click Read More (where available) for retailers, samples, playlists, and more.

BBG first five books 2.png

[Bad Boy's Guide to...] #1

Being Not Good

as opposed to being bad

With a heroine who won’t let a stupid little thing like being too good get in the way of showing her stupid ex what’s what and a hero who wants no part of being the male lead in a romance novel, these two opposites find themselves in an unconventional partnership.


When peppy-go-lucky Avery eventually wears down bad-to-the-bone Davin’s defences, he agrees to help her trash her reputation. And, if Davin can help her pass math while he’s at it, all the better. So, it’s goodbye to Little Miss Goody-Two-Shoes, and hello to a whole new Avery as Davin reluctantly teaches her date-by-date how to be not good (as opposed to bad, because it’s a very serious distinction).


Davin was only supposed to be Avery’s mistake - the boyfriend to see her through her rebellious phase. But, the more they’re together, the less either of them feel it’s a mistake.


Now, if only one of them could mention that to the other and ease all that angst-ridden tension…


A laugh-out-loud modern-day fairy-tale in dual POV for those who know life never quite goes according to plan.

April 2019

INP3 Three of a Kind front cover.jpg

[Bad Boy's Guide to...] #2

Dating the Jock

if that's what you want

Mack was always one of the boys. But, when star striker Ben Mayhew starts at their school, she’s in love. With no idea how to win over a jock, Mack enlists the help of her best friend’s (Ebony St John) cousin, Trent who is in Ben’s year. Trent knows what everyone wants – no one knows how and it’s a secret he’ll take to the grave. But who better to make Mack over to win Ben’s heart? Unless, she loses hers to Trent along the way…


INP3 Three of a Kind front cover.jpg

[Bad Boy's Guide to...] #3

Winning the Girl

of your dreams, right?

Corbin wants in the pants of the most popular girl at school, Amy Richards. Normally, it’s not a problem to get any girl he wants. But, this one is immune to his bad boy charms. Enter Natalie, Amy’s best friend. Corbin manages to convince Natalie to help him make himself over so he can nab the girl of his dreams. Unless, it turns out the girl of his dreams has been standing in front of him all along…


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