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I've divided my books into pennames so it's easier for you to know if you'll like a book or not. Each penname has a main sub-genre they're in control of, and a general vibe, style and content that their books will have. Keep reading to meet them all.


Elizabeth Stevens is a bestselling author of over 40 books, in a wide range of genres under different pennames. Elizabeth Stevens is her Young Adult penname. While she still has a love of Fantasy, she writes mostly Contemporary Romance these days.

Some of her bestsellers include Accidentally Perfect and Keeping Up Appearances.

EJ Knox.jpg


E.J. is the name to read if you want darker/bully romance in the Mature Young Adult/New Adult crossover space. Think high school, college, and academy. E.J. brings my usual wit, banter, and repartee in good old enemies-to-lovers showdowns between alpha males and the sassy heroines strong enough to knock them down a peg or two.

There's fake-dating, love triangles, kidnapping and danger, second chances, and more.

Pippa Langhorn.jpg


Pippa will be taking over the New Adult/Adult Contemporary Romance titles. She's the one to read for all your sweet and sexy romance for older readers. Her books will have ALL the tropes you love and more, written with my usual flare for the sass and parody. Her first title launches in Nov 2022 with a second attempt at a Protector story for a ripping little anthology.

Coming Soon
Scarlett Knox.jpg


Scarlett's who you want if you enjoyed my Damned trilogy. She's got sequels galore for them coming, as well as a few other darker Paranormal Romance titles. Whether it's Sci-fi, Fantasy, Dystopia, Past, Present or Future, Scarlett's got it covered.

Coming Soon