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Pippa Langhorn's Books

Pippa Langhorn is the New Adult/Adult Contemporary Romance penname of bestselling author Elizabeth Stevens. Officially launching in November 2022, Pippa's first story was a Protector romance as part of a star-studded anthology, except user (i.e. me) error had it coming out under the wrong name.

Pippa is the name to read if you want New Adult/Adult Contemporary Romance. Think university, workplace, and the general awkwardness life. Pippa brings my usual wit, banter, and repartee in good old rom-com fashion. There’ll be fake-dating, enemies, friends, love triangles, weddings, second chances, and more.

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INP3 Three of a Kind front cover.jpg

Kinky Siren Shorts #1

July 2023

Heat of the Moment

A second chance at a Romantic Suspense story in the form of a short.

When my uncle wakes me in the dead of night, shoves a box and an address into my hands and tells me to run, the last thing I expect is to be running for my life with a piece of stolen tech. One upside is that my life’s now in the capable hands of an unnecessarily sexy man with a penchant for telling me to shut up and denying he’s a spy. But the steamy passion that happens in the throes of an adrenalin-fuelled fight for survival may have to stay there. I can’t be sure I’ll see Luka again if I manage to make it out alive, let alone whether what we have still sparks as hot in the mundanity of normal life.

INP3 Three of a Kind front cover.jpg

May 2023

Love to Hate You

A brother's best friend, a seven-minutes-in-heaven dare, and the secret that changed everything.

Skye’s bookish and nerdy. River’s the star of the university soccer team. She’s his teammate’s ex and his best friend’s little sister; she’s more than just off-limits. He’s a player, a prankster, a bane to her existence, and a fighter; he’s not boyfriend material. They’re mismatched mentally but fit together perfectly physically and sexually. After Skye dares River to seven minutes in heaven on her eighteenth birthday, it strikes up a (fr)enemies with benefits situation no one can ever know about. These two love to hate each other, but River’s got a deadly secret that could well be their undoing.

INP3 Three of a Kind front cover.jpg

November 2022

Guarded Hearts: A Protector Romance Anthology

Holding out for a hero? Here they are! 17 Sensational stories to set your heart on fire!

Guarded Hearts anthology presents 17 passionate protector romances and captivatingly hot romantic suspense novellas.
Military heroes, undercover operatives, guns for hire, private security and first responders are the order of the day. This collection is action-packed with heroic men and the brave women who stand with them - then win them over.

This Limited Run set has now finished, but you can buy my story 'Heat of the Moment'.

Love to hate You
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