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E.J. Knox's Books

E.J. Knox is the Darker/Bully Romance penname of bestselling author Elizabeth Stevens.

Titles available now, by most recent.

INP3 Three of a Kind front cover.jpg

Series Info

Series Info

Three of a Kind


One inadvisable kiss.
Three supposed suitors.
A whole bunch of totally untrue rumours.

My sister was always the pretty one. She was supposed to marry a prince. Until I came home, the media went into a ridiculous frenzy, and Lia’s no longer good enough for the job.

Marriage Watch is in full effect for the Crown Prince. And, rumours are swirling that I’m on the verge of marrying one of the princes. But, which one?

There’s only one I’d want. But, we fight more than we love and are totally incompatible. Plus, he’s meant to marry a future queen.

And, I’m barely a lady, let alone a princess.

January 2019

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