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The Ballad of Valerie of Mor is a Middle Grade/Young Adult series full of adventure, magic and an epic quest.

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The Ballad of Valerie of Mor #1

Valiant Valerie

Valiant Valerie with crimson brown hair

Would not be a ladies maid. She would get much too bored.

Valerie doesn’t want to be a lady’s maid, she doesn’t want to be a Lady, and she doesn’t want to be a princess. She just wants to be the first successful woman in Mor’s army. And, a country coming back from war and sorrow should be pleased with any decent solider they can get.


But, the High Council won’t have it. According to them, Valerie must be a proper princess; no graduating to the Senior Corp with the rest of the trainees. And, with the future of the country uncertain, her father accedes. Valerie knows there’s only one thing that will change their minds.


The wizard is known to bestow a quest upon any knight in order that he may prove his worth. So, Valerie is going to find the wizard and get him to give her a quest. Then, she’ll finally show the High Council she can be a knight AND a princess.


But, even all of Valerie’s tutoring could not have prepared her for the real world and the dangers it holds. Thankfully, her best friend finds her and helps her on her way. And, for a minstrel, Jonathan sure has some handy hidden talents.


The road to the wizard is long and arduous, and there are many lessons to be learnt along the way. But, will he grant her wish? Or, will she have to go home and be just a princess after all?

February 2019

the Ballad of Valerie of Mor #2

Captain Valerie

Valerie and Jon head west to find their 'own way home' and complete Valerie's quest. Along the way, they don't just stumble upong Makar's camp but Valerie also sees a different side to her lifelong friend.

Secrets are revealed about not only Jon but Valerie herself as they return home with four of the five items the wizard instructed her to find.

Just as Valerie is awarded a captaincy with the Senior Corps, Jon is sent away again. Only this time, it doesn't look like he'll ever return.


the Ballad of Valerie of Mor #3

Sorceress Valerie

After Valerie believes Jonathan is dead, she leaves the court and goes looking for Makar and the men who killed him – taking over Jonathan’s role as secret agent for the court and using her power – both magic and political – to make them pay for Jonathan’s death. She is angry and her power is magnified. deWynstryngham goes with her and they are getting closer again, particularly in the wake of Jonathan’s death. Valerie travels around to the other countries, this time under no pretence of who she is, to gather up the armies to fight Makar and his armies.


the Ballad of Valerie of Mor #4

Assassin Valerie

The war has begun in earnest and Valerie is sent out along with the elite forces to fight Makar's men as one of the Mort Assassins.


the Ballad of Valerie of Mor #5

Regina Valeria

With the death of her father, Valerie ascends the throne. Now, more than ever, the council demand to marry her off. But Valerie will kneel to no one, let alone a man.

As the council become more and more demanding, Valerie continues to remind them there are more important things at stake, like their country for example.

Makar might not be making any of it easier on her, but the generals and other rulers have faith in her abilities and look to her to lead them. Valerie is determined not to bow under the pressure and, with her beloved aides by her side, she might just bring her land the peace it long deserves.


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