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The Popped books are a series of interconnected standalone, dual-POV, parody romance novels. The story in each book is contained, but if read out of order there may be spoilers for previous books, or things might not make complete sense.


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Popped #1


If they're not careful,

they'll find themselves popped.

Paige is known around Mitcham High as the Silver Spoon; she’s pretty, she’s wealthy, she’s popular, she’s wanted by all. After one too many heartbreaks, her friends dare her to make a guy fall for her then dump his arse. Enter Bash Baker. He’s the most egotistical, stereotypical jerk in the whole school. Never one to shy away from a bet, Paige agrees to the wager. Either Bash’s fragile male ego is popped by the formal, or she has to give Mia’s nerdy cousin his first French kiss.


Bash is known around Mitcham High as the Cherry Popper; he’s popped more cherries in that school than Casanova in all of Venice*. But, there’s one cherry his mates bet he’ll never get; Paige Nicholls. She’s the popular ‘it’ girl with a million sycophants. If there was a cherry he wanted to pop, it’d be hers. Never one to shy away from a bet, Bash agrees to his mate’s wager. Either Paige is his by the formal, or he gives up his title to the nerdy band geek in the year below them.


It’s War of the Romance as Paige and Bash try desperately to seduce the other one without falling for the ruse themselves. Usual tactics don’t seem to be working, so the two of them might need to switch things up. Otherwise they might find themselves popped.


*possible exaggeration.

October 2019

INP3 Three of a Kind front cover.jpg

Popped #2


Mia doesn’t do relationships, everyone at Mitcham College knew this. With Bash’s reputation down the toilet, people are joking she’s the new Casanova. And now she’s at uni, she doesn’t see why anything has to change. But then there’s Rufio Carvalho. He’s kind and sweet and funny, and sees Mia like no one else.

Rufio’s the odd man out, and it’s one of the things everyone likes him.

Mia’s heart’s locked, but Rufio might just have the key.


INP3 Three of a Kind front cover.jpg

Popped #3


Georgie never had time for dating, either at Mitcham College or at uni. Guys were either put off by her intelligence or too dull to be vaguely interesting or hold a decent conversation. No-strings was always easier and far less a distraction. Except for stupid Jendo Desjardins. The guy was smart as a whip, understood dark humour, and even had Georgie struggling to keep up sometimes. But when it came to romance, Jendo was hot and cold – hot in the bedroom and cold out of it.

Jendo was the kind of guy who didn’t like to get too attached. With two best friends solidly tied down, someone had to take one for the team. At least that’s what he told himself. Because there was only one girl he wanted and she didn’t date. Damned Georgie Zhang. Gorgeous, smart and far too good for him, Georgie’s only interest was in the physical. Which suited him fine, to a point. But there was only so long that even Jendo could go pretending he didn’t want more.


INP3 Three of a Kind front cover.jpg

Popped #4


Leo was known around Mitcham College as Bash 2.0, which had always surprised him because, besides their appearance, he was nothing like his older brother. But the image Bash had left Leo with four years ago persisted. He’s a magnet for the girls, turning down dates right and left. Because Leo has a secret, one he feels too much pressure reveal.


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