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The Friendzone series is a collection of standalone friends-to-lovers stories.

There is no specific end in sight. I'll keep writing them as long as I have ideas.


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the Friendzone #1

Safety in the Friendzone

Charley and Zane had been best friends since he’d found the broken board in the fence between their houses at the age of four. Sleep overs in the backyard had turned into sleepovers in his treehouse into sleepovers in one of their rooms when they both decided sleeping closer to a toilet was actually great.

Zane and Charley were just friends until his girlfriend dumps him and there’s the beginnings of a spark. But they’ve grown a little apart in recent years and neither of them think the other would possibly ever be interested in anything more. So Charley fakes a crush and it’s Zane to the rescue in helping her follow her heart.

After all, there’s safety in the friendzone.

December 2019


the Friendzone #2

Faked in the Friendzone

He owes his best friend. She owes her best friend. But they hate each other. Even so, when asked, they feel obliged to do the double date thing. Only it's less an obligation and reveals there are decided benefits to them dating.

It's not easy fake-dating your frenemy. The rules are out and they're making them up as they go along.

After all, it's not simple faking in the friendzone.


the Friendzone #3

Dating in the Friendzone

She’s been dating her boyfriend for a while, but she’s realised she’s in love with her best friend. So she dumps the boyfriend to give it a go. Just about to tell her BFF she’s got feelings for him, he tells her he’s dating the school’s popular girl. So she does what every good friend does – she supports him and pretends she’s happy for him, rather than that she’s breaking apart inside.

He’d been in love with his BFF for years, waiting to see if she could ever feel the same. She never did, she stayed with the captain of the soccer team for years. So he finally moved on. The old pangs of his love for her are like a distant ache as he throws himself fully into his new girl. But maybe playing the waiting game does pay off, and he should have waited just a little longer?

After all, it’s hard dating in the friendzone.


the Friendzone #4

Gamed in the Friendzone

Meeting in an online game seems the perfect way to find your soulmate. But what happens when your soulmate turns out to be your friend, a friend you didn't even know liked gaming?

They say all's fair in love and war, but winners will be decided when when the anonymity of the internet is lost and you've got to put it all on the line. Is a chance at real-life love worth the risk?

After all, it's easier gaming in the friendzone.


the Friendzone #5

Dumped in the Friendzone

Deciding you're better off just friends always seems like the responsible, grown-up thing to do. After all, no one likes being strung along.

But what do you do when you realise the mistake you thought you fixed was actually the only mistake you made? Can two people listen to their hearts when their heads are telling them something different?

After all, how do you get out of being dumped in the friendzone?


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