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Royal Misadventures

Royal Misadventures is a series of romantic comedy shorter books in the vein of The Princess Diaries.

There are sub-series within it which make up specific story lines. Each one is from a specific character's point of view (POV)

Parts one to four belong to the I'm No Princess sub-series and follow Tatiana through the adventure of moving to a new country, becoming a lady with a capital 'L', and falling in love.

But it doesn't end with that - there are plenty more adventures in the form of more novellas and short stories to come!

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It’s time for me to join my dad and older sister in Gallyr, to dust off the cobwebs and leather jackets of a normal person’s life and don the mantle of Lady Tatiana Bethany Penrose.

For the first time, all eyes are on me and I have to be presented to society at a ball in my honour. So begin the lessons; dancing, dress, dinner etiquette.

Now, all I need to do is not spill my beer on or set fire to my date; the youngest son of my dad’s best friend, the Gallyrian King.

Not even Heaven can help me now.

December 2018

Now Presenting

One tattooed girl.
Three frustrated tutors.
A whole lot of accidents waiting to happen.

Royal Misadventures #1

I'm No Princess (Part 1)

Christmas and New Year’s is a busy time for Gallyrian Royalty and I have to play my part. According to the media, that part is now Prince Playboy Nico’s girlfriend. Uh, no thanks.

Thank God Kostin steps in to save me. Until the media decide I was brought home to marry him instead. Or, was it Nico after all?

How am I mean to survive a romantic wintery holiday season while everyone’s talking about my impending engagement to two different guys?

Especially when I can’t even keep my footing on a flat surface.

December 2018

Lady in Training

One incompetent lady.
Three holiday parties.
A whole lot of mistakes ready to be made.

Royal Misadventures #2

I'm No Princess (Part 2)

My sister was always the pretty one. She was supposed to marry a prince. Until I came home, the media went into a ridiculous frenzy, and Lia’s no longer good enough for the job.


Marriage Watch is in full effect for the Crown Prince. And, rumours are swirling that I’m on the verge of marrying one of the princes. But, which one?


There’s only one I’d want. But, we fight more than we love and are totally incompatible. Plus, he’s meant to marry a future queen.


And, I’m barely a lady, let alone a princess.

January 2019

Three of a Kind

One inadvisable kiss.

Three supposed suitors.

A whole bunch of totally untrue rumours.

Royal Misadventures #3

I'm No Princess (Part 3)

The man I love is a man I can’t have. He needs someone who can stand confidently by his side. Someone who belongs. Not someone who can still barely walk in heels.


He’s going to announce his engagement in mere weeks and I’m far too young for that sort of thing. It’s far too soon.


But, could I be a princess if it meant seeing his smile everyday. Could I be confident? Could I belong? Could I be the right choice?


I’ll have to if I don’t want to watch the man I love marry someone else.

February 2019

Some Proposal

One reluctant heart.

Three weeks to decide.

A whole country waiting to see who he’ll pick.

Royal Misadventures #4

I'm No Princess (Part 4)

It’s time for me to announce my engagement to the people of Gallyr, to bow to tradition and the expectation of an entire country as their future King Dmitri Bertold Brevich.

As they have been my whole life, all eyes are on me and they wait with baited breath to hear my decision. No matter who I choose, I’ll disappoint someone.

I was told to follow my heart, so I did and there are plenty of people ready to give me their opinion of my choice. Even more than I expected.

Not even Heaven can help me now.

July 2019

Royally Unprepared

One divided heart.

Only one real choice.

A prince unprepared for the fallout.

Royal Misadventures #5

Prince of Pout (Part 1)


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