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Beta Read Crew T&Cs

ARC Team Terms & Conditions

  1. There is no obligation to read any ARC of which you are notified.

  2. All subscriptions can be changed at any time you like.

  3. A list of ARC downloads will be kept. If you develop a history of downloading an ARC but do not leave a review, then you will be removed from the list. I understand all too well that life often gets in the way of our best plans, so you will only be removed from the list after a confirmation of activity email is sent after three months and there is no confirmation after a further one month. If you confirm but do not review a book within another two months, you will be removed.

  4. If you do not download an ARC and do not unsubscribe, you will remain indefinitely on the ARC team Mailing List.

  5. ARCs will be available from the date you receive the notification email. It is preferable to leave reviews before release (where possible) or within the first week of release.

  6. An ARC is going to have a few errors here and there as the final proofread still needs to be done.

  7. When leaving a review, please be sure to specify that you received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

  8. Reviews can be left on whatever sites you use.

  9. Around release day, I will send you a review reminder email. In it will be a place to leave a link for your review - e.g. an Amazon or Goodreads link.

  10. If you enjoy my books, recommend them to a friend; word of mouth is super important for authors.

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