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Only three things matter to all good fey; fighting, festivities and fornication.


What do you do when you find out your life is half a lie? Well, one-quarter a lie, anyway.


The only thing stronger than your oath…


…is the power of Her heart.


In faery, danger lurks in the light as well as the shadows.

September 2020


May my fiann be my home

My guiding light.

The Danu Cycle: The Fiann Trilogy: Book 1

When Ronnie finally gets accepted to the winter soccer program at Rockmann Players’ University in Year 12, she is thrilled. A place in the winter program means her application for the next year is more likely to be successful and it’s Ronnie’s dream to play soccer at RPU. Her best chance is to get into the girl’s A team under the coaching maestro that is Clint Lennox – rumour is, you get into the A team and your application is practically approved on the spot.


After two weeks of gruelling practice trials, Ronnie makes the A team by the skin of her teeth and the classes could be worse. Ronnie’s even made a friend in fellow newbie Kate. It’s Coach Lennox’s son Miles that becomes the most difficult part about the RPU winter soccer program. He’s a cocky bastard and Ronnie can see he’s nothing but a heartbreaker, not that he gives the sporty girls more than a condescending second look. Which doesn’t stop most of them drooling all over him anyway, and it’s obvious he loves the attention.


Despite Coach Lennox’s cold and demanding exterior, Ronnie looks up to him and accepts when he says she should do some extra training. Unfortunately, Miles notices and decides that showing her exactly how much she lacks is a great idea. They banter and argue and Ronnie’s convinced a worse person couldn’t possibly exist.


That banter that could be mistaken for flirting? Totally not. Because Ronnie’s not into sporty boys; they always seem to think it’s great that a girl’s into sport, until her practice comes before his or she’s being awarded at school. Then, they can’t handle that their girlfriend is better than them.



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