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Accidentally Perfect front award sticker

No More Maybes duet #2

You've read Hannibal's side.
Now, read mine.

August 2018

Can one person really help you kill the monster inside? Maybe…

I’m not a good guy. But, I love my little brother and I will do whatever it takes to keep him safe; the last thing I need is another dead body on my conscience.

There were only two things I wanted in life; be there for Matty and lose myself for long enough to get some respite from the horrors of our past.

Until I met her; the mud-streaked girl with the ability to arouse my mind as well as…other things. My captain of the A-team, Hannibal is as sweet and smart as she is sexy.

But, the monster of my past – the one that created a monster in me – will not die and I can’t bring her into that. I try to pull away, to save her from the pain I’ll inevitably bring her.

Except, my Hannibal’s a fighter and she won’t give up on me. No matter how many reasons I give her, that thing – that bond – between us only strengthens.

Maybe Hannibal’s the reason I’ve been looking for to finally put the monster of my past to rest. Maybe she can give me the strength to finally kill the monster that lurks within me.

Could she be my Gray’s Blade?

A sizzling YA romance about first love and learning to let go of a painful past, this is Cole’s story from his point of view.

The companion novel,
No More Maybes, is from Aurora’s point of view; much like the characters themselves, Aurora’s version is lighter, cleaner, and sweeter. Read through to the end of Gray’s Blade for a sneak peek at chapter one of Aurora’s side. Please be aware that this story is set in Australia and therefore uses Australian English spelling and syntax.


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