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All available standalones by most recent first.

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the Roommate Mistake

No one falls in love because of a roommate mistake.

When I find a half-naked guy standing in my dormitory at my new boarding school, I assume he’s my roommate’s boyfriend.

He introduces himself as Alex and I introduce myself as Lottie.

When he tells me he’s Sasha and was expecting Elliott, I see what happened.

Someone knew I was a girl or he was a guy, and made some glaringly incorrect assumptions about the other one, meaning we were assigned as roommates. Now, we're stuck together for the forseeable future.

June 2021

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the Art of Breaking Up

He's wrong in all the right ways.

Wade Phillips shattered Lisa McGinty’s heart in Year 10 for no known reason. By Year 12, he’d made it through most of the girls in our year and was on to the year below. My best friend put on a brave face in front of him, but she still felt the sting. I knew she still loved him.

No one knew what happened to Wade and no one got close to him anymore. Not until a life-altering incident throws me unavoidably into his path. Wade Phillips might be the guy to teach me the art of breaking up, but will my heart – and Lisa’s – break in the process?

June 2021

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The Stand-In

He's a semi-famous rockstar.

I'm Nerdy McNerdleton.

Born for the express purpose of being the understudy for my older sister, I’ve learnt that life goes faster if I just go along with the madness.


Until the madness involves me, the School Formal, my sister’s hair-brained scheme to win over the hottest boy in school, and a misunderstanding that I’m the one interested in him.


Suddenly, my quiet existence isn’t so quiet anymore and the bright neon light that heralds my eighteenth birthday and freedom is overshadowed by one that follows a boy who’s going to be the next big thing.


But, I am so not interested… Am I?

August 2019

Love, Lust & Friendship

Because, sometimes

real life is a bitch

Meet Christopher Henderson. AKA the dillweed of a human being worshipped by (almost) all.

Meet Alexander Henderson. AKA the love of my life and my best friend.

Meet Addison MacGuire. AKA me and the girl you don't date because... Well, who knows?

What happens when you take one tomboy, one best friend, and that best friend’s stupidly hot, popular older brother with a bad attitude?

That’s right, you get a story worthy of a teen rom-com (you with me, Netflix?).

Sometimes the only guy to come between you and the love of your life is the one guy you weren’t supposed to fall in love with. But, how do you tell the difference between love, lust and friendship?

September 2018

Keeping Up Appearances

Big girl undies? Check.
Speech planned? Check.
Nerves of steel? Check.
A single crush? …not check…?

What do you do when you find your best friend/crush kissing your other best friend on the day you were going to declare your feelings for him? You only agree to fake date your crush’s rival, the King of the Bows and all around douche, Xander.

Across the school, battlelines are drawn and sides are taken between the new ’it’ couple of my former best friends and the excitingly scandalous pairing of me and King Douche.

He calls it ‘keeping up appearances’, I call it ‘take one more pass at my arse and I’ll break your nose’.

They say all’s fair in love and war, but what’s so fair about falling for the wrong guy when your two best friends are on the other side of the battlelines?

June 2018

Accidentally Perfect

Sometimes you say everything

when you say nothing at all.

Everyone’s convinced the hottest guy in school’s going to ask me out - that Mason and I would be the perfect couple, that he’s my John Cusack. Except, he hasn’t.

One holidays, I find myself hanging out with the resident underachiever, and he surprises me. With Roman, I don’t have to pretend that little Piper Barlow is perfect; even if we’re both in a foul mood, just sitting in silence together is perfectly enough. Until it becomes more.

But, Roman doesn’t do more. Does he...?

What do you do when you accidentally find perfection with the wrong guy?

You fight for it.

April 2018

the Trouble with Hate is...

…it’s easier.
…it’s safer.
…it’s often not hate at all.

Leilani Granger can’t stand the person Casper Drake has become, and Casper doesn’t even recognise his best mate’s little sister anymore. Loving each other is second-nature, but they don’t know how not to hate each other either.

As they face losing Leilani’s only remaining brother and Casper’s best mate to his inner demons, old habits lead them back to each other for comfort.

Leilani wasn’t the kind to lose herself in meaningless sex.
Casper’s been doing it for years.

It’s the only time hate doesn’t get in the way.

But, the trouble with hate is…it’s often not hate at all.

February 2018

Netherfield Prep

A modern reimagining of

Jane Austen's Pride & Prejudice

A modern reimagining of

Jane Austen's Pride & Prejudice

"It is a truth universally assumed that a stupidly rich boy must be in want of a girlfriend.


It is a truth universally acknowledged that a girl who has just travelled half a world must be in want of a bed.

Sadly, neither are on the dance card this evening..."

April 2017

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