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She was my first kiss. My first crush. She’s become an honorary Sykes girl. But I wished for more. I wanted her to be my Sykes girl. If only I knew how to talk to girls.

But, could she be my forever?


Oscar asks me to help him be better with the ladies? That’s right, Captain Oblivious wants some more insight. Can I help him get more game without totally losing my heart?

Or, could he be my forever?

July 2021


Loving the Sykes #4


As the female bassist in an otherwise all-male rockband, I had an image to maintain – relaxed, laidback, available. One-Night Nora was what the headlines called me and I relished it. My freedom meant everything to me. Until I get a stalker and our manager hires a dude from Grace Grayson.

But my restraint only goes so far and I’m all too aware that all good things must come to an end sometime.


It took some serious convincing on my part, but eventually the boss man let me have the VIP. And what a VIP she turned out to be. But some one-night rocker she turns out to be. The woman isn’t falling for any of my numerous charms, no matter how close I seem to get. But the more time I spend with her, the more I don’t mind. This is one good thing I never want to end.

July 2021

Rollie & the Rocker

Grace Grayson Security #4


I was used to being the smartest person in a room, the nerd queen my boss looked to when things went wrong.

If only the man who was a beast in the sheets was a nerd on the streets. If only we had something in common. I need a little nerd in my man and Nico Daniels is anything but nerd. Isn’t he?


I hated roleplay. I was bad at it. So, what’s my new job? Play the jarhead security guard to some pixie who’s got herself into a world of trouble with some shady online shit.

She’s the code that could crack all my firewalls, but I’m not sure I know how to be the real me and be a guy someone could love. To keep her, I’m gonna need to let my nerd light shine bright.

January 2021

O Lord & the Queen

Grace Grayson Security #3


I know Ashton doesn’t mean we have to be together, but as soon as I see her the old spark is reignited even stronger than before.

This time I won’t let her walk away.


I always hated people who stayed together for the sake of a child. But maybe, as much as I love him, it’s less because of our son and more in spite of.

Maybe this time I won’t push him away.

January 2021


Loving the Sykes #3


All it takes is one night and one mistake to show me that maybe a guy can have it all. Of course, we’d need to find a middle ground between arguing and sex.

There’s a fine line between love and hate.


All it takes it one moment and one monumental mistake to change the course of my life. But I’m not sure I’m ready to open up again, even for him.

There’s a fine line between love and hate.

July 2020


Loving the Sykes #2


All I wanted to do was get a cosy cottage in the suburbs and live with my million cats. What I got instead was suitor after suitor paraded in front of me and the threat of a looming engagement. So, what else was a girl to do?


If there’s one thing that makes a guy reconsider his womanising ways, it’s seeing his best mate and his little sister settle down.

I don’t know a lot about ladies, despite my remarkable ability to play a part. All I know is there’s always more underneath the mask, and there’s only one lady who can tame this hawk.

July 2020

Hawk & the Lady

Grace Grayson Security #2

Get all three of the Damned books in one handy volume!

May 2020

the Damned trilogy

Heaven & Hell Chronicles

Omnibus #1


My dad is literally the devil.

But, I suddenly don’t care so much.


Being a mum-to-be is worrying enough.

Carrying Lucifer’s grandchild is terrifying.

February 2020

Damned if I know

The devil commands all of Hell.

Can he grandparent?

Heaven & Hell Chronicles #3

the Damned trilogy


I never thought I’d fall in love.

And, certainly not with a little human spitfire.


Love totally snuck up on me.

Especially when it looked like Lucifer’s son.

January 2020

Damned if I don't

The devil will walk the Earth.

To plan a wedding.

Heaven & Hell Chronicles #2

the Damned trilogy


I just have to hope I haven't waited too long. And that her three big brothers, the only family I have left, aren't the thing that finally manage to kill me.

I need to make her my girl.


I don't know if he'll ever see me as anything more than a little sister. Not with another in his heart. But, I'm willing to do whatever it takes.

I've always been his girl.

January 2020


Loving the Sykes #1


How do you politely refuse when the only guy to star in any of your dirty fantasies has just offered to put you up for the foreseeable future and your brother’s just accepted like you were in fact still thirteen and couldn’t make decisions for yourself? You don’t.


When I find out about my best mate’s little sister’s situation, the offer is out of my mouth before I can stop it; Hawk’s like a brother to me even if Amber’s never looked twice at me. It might just be time that this chaos gets a little geek.

January 2020

Chaos & the Geek

Grace Grayson Security #1


Most guys like their dads.

Most guys aren’t the son of the literal devil.


Most girls live normal lives.

Most girls aren’t married to the devil’s son.

December 2019

Damned if I do

The devil always collects.

And, so does his son.

Heaven & Hell Chronicles #1

the Damned trilogy

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