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I'm No Princess Box Set 1
  • I'm No Princess Box Set 1

    SKU: 9781925928105

    One reluctant heart.

    Three royal brothers.

    A whole country waiting to see who she’ll pick.


    It’s time for me to join my dad and older sister in Gallyr, to dust off the cobwebs of a normal person’s life and don the mantle of Lady Tatiana Bethany Penrose.


    The whole of Gallyr waits eagerly for the announcement my sister’s being courted by the Crown Prince. Until I come along and, for the first time in my life, all eyes are on me.


    Lia’s desperate to be royalty, but none of the princes seem to want her. Me, though? I’m no princess.


    This box set contains the first four parts of the Royal Misadventures series which make up the I’m No Princess sub-series.


    The Royal Misadventures series:

    #1 Now Presenting: I'm No Princess (Part 1)

    #2 Lady in Training: I'm No Princess (Part 2)

    #3 Three of a Kind: I'm No Princess (Part 3)

    #4 Some Proposal: I'm No Princess (Part 4)

    #5 Royally Unprepared: Prince of Pout (Part 1)

    #6 Royals in Dating: Almost Royal (Part 1) – coming soon


    Please be aware that this story uses Australian English spelling and syntax.