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From Elizabeth Stevens, writing as E.J. Knox, comes…
A loyal henchman getting swoony, and the emotionless robot in danger of feeling.

Full description coming soon.

This is a novella that sits between Reign: Beckett and Rival: Rowan, told from Jaeger's point of view. It is designed to be read after reading Beckett and Eden's story. The series features dark, angsty, contemporary high school bully/enemies-to-lovers romances with enough steam to melt your screen.
The Rivermont Royals Reveals are a comic interlude, lifting the curtain a little on the world of the Rivermont Royals, letting you behind the scenes of what makes them and their world tick. After taking on the first one, Jaeger was more than happy to keep using his discretion.
This book is set in Australia and therefore written using Australian English. This will affect the spelling, grammar and syntax you may be used to. It might come across as typos, awkward sentences, poor grammar, or missed/wrong words. In the majority of cases (I won't claim it's infallible, despite all best efforts), this is intentional and just an Aussie way of speaking (it took my US beta readers a bit to get used to). I can't say 'the' Aussie way, since we seem to differ even within the same state. Just think of us as a weird mix of British and US vernacular and colloquialisms, but with our own randomness thrown in. I still hope you enjoy it, though!
Contains possible triggers.

    PriceFrom $14.95
    Expected to ship from 27 October 2023