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Love to Hate You

Love to Hate You

From Elizabeth Stevens, writing as Pippa Langhorn, comes...
A brother's best friend, a seven-minutes-in-heaven dare, and the secret that changed everything.

Skye Deveraux is off-limits. Teammate's ex. Best friend's little sister. She hates the soccer team and everything they stand for. And did I mention she hates me the most of all?
Plus, she's uptight, obsessed with her books, always reminds me what's wrong with me, and needs to get seriously laid. Did I mention I'd do anything to be the one to give it to her?
But I've got secrets. The kind to leave a mark on a person's soul. And I won't let them hurt her. Until she kisses me and then all bets are off. One taste and I'm too weak to resist.
We might be at each other's throats, but she's the only one I'll ever love…to hate.

River Torres is freaking gorgeous. He wears confidence like it was made solely for him. Partying, fighting, and wetting his dick in anyone willing. He's the worst kind of idiot.
I despise him, but our physical chemistry has been insane for years. As a joke, he calls me Gaol-bait. In return, I dare him to seven minutes in heaven on my eighteenth birthday.
Call it morbid curiosity. A drunken lapse in judgement. The biggest – or best – mistake of my life. But I've kissed him and now my body craves more. It needs him and no one else.
He might be a total player and an arse, but he's the jerk I will always love…to hate.

A darker, big brother's best friend, frenemies to lovers, romantic comedy.
This book is set in Australia and therefore written using Australian English. This will affect the spelling, grammar and syntax you may be used to. It might come across as typos, awkward sentences, poor grammar, or missed/wrong words. In the majority of cases (I won't claim it's infallible, despite all best efforts), this is intentional and just an Aussie way of speaking (it took my US beta readers a bit to get used to). I can't say 'the' Aussie way, since we seem to differ even within the same state. Just think of us as a weird mix of British and US vernacular and colloquialisms, but with our own randomness thrown in. I still hope you enjoy it, though!
Contains possible triggers. Please read the author note for more information.

    PriceFrom $16.95
    Expected to ship from 12 May 2023