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Men & Monsters

Men & Monsters

From Elizabeth Stevens, writing as E.J. Knox, comes...

A broken man. A dangerous monster. And the woman that binds them.


My life is perfect. My life is planned. My life isn't mine.

Promised to a man I love. A man I hate. Not even a man. A god.

Apollo Callahan is that and much more.


My life is broken. My life is fractured. My life isn't free.

Craving a man I hate. A man I need. Not even a man. An angel.

Valen Kincaid is nothing I could ever want.


Though the Saints rule the hallowed halls of Saint Benedict's College, they're anything but saintly. Behind closed doors, they call themselves the Sinners. Sex. Fast Cars. Drugs. Money. The odd assassination or two. Nothing is beneath them, except the next in a long line of women. Can one little princess, searching to break free from her prison tower, bring these mighty lords crashing to their knees?


The epic final book in the Sinners of Saint Benedicts Harlow trilogy.


This is a dark, angsty, contemporary high school enemies-to-lovers romance with enough steam to melt your screen. Do not engage in public consumption unless your poker face is impenetrable.

Do not read if you don't like broken alpha males claiming what's theirs, a feisty heroine determined to break the bonds of an unwanted future, or complicated love triangles full of passion and dirty words.

This book is written using Australian English. This will affect the spelling, grammar and syntax you may be used to. It might come across as typos, awkward sentences, poor grammar, or missed/wrong words. In the majority of cases (I won’t claim it’s infallible, despite all best efforts), this is intentional and just an Aussie way of speaking (it took my US beta readers a bit to get used to). I can’t say ‘the’ Aussie way, since we seem to differ even within the same state. Just think of us as a weird mix of British and US vernacular and colloquialisms, but with our own randomness thrown in. I still hope you enjoy it, though!

Contains possible triggers.

    Expected to ship from mid September 2023