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Monster of Fate

Monster of Fate

From Elizabeth Stevens, writing as Scarlett Knox comes...
An angel and a demon with the power to destroy whole worlds.


They say Rune le Rege is a monster among monsters. He is detached and cruel, but he kissed me once like I was the only thing to make his cold, dead heart beat.
I would let Rune do anything he wanted to me. I would scream for him. I would bleed for him. He wouldn’t even need to ask. He could command it and I wouldn’t hesitate. Not that he would, because never in the frozen Hell on Earth I’d found myself would he want me.
He might star in my dirtiest dreams, but he’s also my new stepbrother.
Strix is not. Strix is gorgeous and sinful, and he wants me. So badly it could only be good.
But he’s not the only one keeping secrets. My new step-family. The new town my mum dragged me to. The staff and students of Knightsbridge Academy. Everyone has secrets and they might be the literal death of me. To say nothing of the two men I find myself between.
It’s not bad boy vs good guy. It’s bad boy vs bad boy in the race for my heart. One simply needs to claim it. The other won’t rest until he’s holding it in his hands.

This is a dark, angsty, contemporary paranormal, enemies-to-lovers, step-sibling romance with some bully elements and enough steam to melt your screen. Do not engage in public consumption unless your poker face is impenetrable.
Do not read if you don’t like vampires, fated mates, alpha step-brothers claiming what’s theirs, a feisty heroine discovering the hidden secrets of her new step-family, complicated love triangles full of passion, dirty words, and a little bit of death.
This story features the heroine in romantic/sexual situations with two love interests. While not considered cheating by the characters, you may have different feelings. Proceed with caution.
Contains possible triggers

    PriceFrom $19.95
    Expected to ship from early August 2023