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the Fianna: a Danu Cycle prequel

the Fianna: a Danu Cycle prequel

**The only way to get the paperback**


The prequel/teaser story to new fae paranormal romance series the Danu Cycle.

It’s one thing to command a fiann...
Eamon mac Aeveen is the youngest child of the king of the fey. With twenty-nine older siblings, Eamon’s always allowed himself to indulge to excess even by fey standards. His father feels taking command of a fiann will be the cure to his youngest child’s restlessness.’s another to belong to one.
But it takes more than Eamon’s easy charm and royal birth to win over his fighters. Only by letting them in can he hope to have them let him in. Little by little, he must earn his place as their leader.

In faery, nothing comes for free.
Complications arise when his father gives the fiann to a post in the Borderlands. His price? The fae are going to try a schooling method of soldier training, and Gryffynhall will be their practice run.

Please be aware that this story uses Australian English spelling and syntax.


**Includes sneak peek of Danu Cycle Book 1: Gryffynhall.

    PriceFrom $14.95