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...it's easier.
...it's safer.
...it's often not hate at all.

The Granger and Drake families have been through everything together; the suicide of the eldest Granger son, the Drake patriarch's cancer diagnosis, family holidays with only slight maiming, and more dance recitals than anyone would care to remember.

Leilani Granger can't stand the person Casper Drake has become, and Casper doesn't even recognise his best mate's little sister anymore. Loving each other is second-nature, but they don't know how not to hate each other either.

As they face losing Leilani's only remaining brother and Casper's best mate to his inner demons, old habits lead them back to each other for comfort.

But, after one night of a deeper connection than either of them were ready for, the lines between the emotional and the physical start to blur.

Leilani wasn't the kind to lose herself in meaningless sex.

Casper's been doing it for years.

It's the only time they can forget the storm clouds in their lives.

It's the only time they can remember the sunshine.

It's the only time hate doesn't get in the way.

But, the trouble with hate is...it's often not hate at all.

the Trouble with Hate is... is a Mature YA novel. Not recommended for younger readers due to mature content.

the Trouble with Hate is...

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