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First Official proper update for the new site :D

Well, here we are, the first official proper update for the new site! Are you excited? I'm excited :D Can you tell?

Writing Progress Update:

Writing is going well. I'm back in the flow and stopped worrying that everything's going to be a terrible load of bollocks and just letting the creative juices flow. Unfortunately, with the creative juices come plot bunnies, but we'll deal with that as they come.

The writer's arm is still manageable, but I have to make sure I don't overwork it - brushing my teeth is getting a little sore so I'm treading a very fine line at the moment between creative output and self-maintenance.

A Reading Update:

I'm doing a lot of reading about Marketing for my Masters thesis. It's actually fascinating and fingers crossed I get to go on with it for a PhD next year - my supervisor seemed quite keen on it when I hedged it so hopefully that translates to being able to do it. There is a hell of a lot more stuff other than digital marketing that I can look at and I've got some excellent ideas.

In terms of not uni reading, I have scrapped the original plan because it just wasn't working. I'm now just reading whatever I pick up and doesn't make me feel guilty for not writing after a couple of chapters. I finished the ARC for 'the Maybe Boyfriend' by Christina Benjamin the other day and I thoroughly enjoyed it. You can find my review here. I don't know if it was the mood I was in, the fact I haven't finished anything or lived in any world other than my own lately, or what. But, I gave it a very enthusiastic five stars.

Release Rambles:

In good news, I've worked out how Accidentally Perfect is on such a great sale on BookDepository, and I'm going to see what I can do to keep it at that price after release day (in eight days!). It will take some experimenting, but I'm on it.

Keeping Up Appearances is still on track despite health set backs and betas will be going out soon, barring any major disasters.

Current Focus:

Surprise, surprise it's proofing and editing. But story-wise, I'm just working on the year's later releases. Not really anything much exciting going on there.

Plot Bunnies:

Well, I thought for once I was free of the devils. But, no such luck. With the influx of creativity for the thing's I'm meant to be working on, so come the influx of plot bunnies. In good news, I've only been distracted for 10,000 words or so this week and am (fingers crossed) back on track with the tasks at hand.

Life Being Rude:

Well aside from a bout of the dreaded lurgy, it's less rude and more just life updates. But! I have exciting, grand plans for this new blog business and I think you will all enjoy it. I'll keep the lid tight for now so I don't spoil the surprise. But, keep your eyes peeled.

Read, write, and live well,

x iz

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