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On the sixteenth day of Christmas...

...I develop an unhealthy obsession with 'Snog, Marry, Avoid' clips.

24 days of Christmas

Each day of Christmas, I'll be reviewing a Christmas movie and sharing a new Christmas outfit. Today saw me preparing for an onslaught of heat wave and thus getting nothing done. I am seriously doing terribly with the writing at the moment and it is driving me batty. In good news, my t-shirt cheered me up.

I'm quite pleased with this t-shirt. I think it is rather punderfully punny. I'm not really a fan of avocados, but I'm more than willing to take full advantage of them for my own gain.

On day sixteen I find yet another new (to me) Christmas movie producer and I am defs down for it.

12 Dates of Christmas - 4.5/5 golden rings

This one is so old! I mean, it's not old. But it's from 2011. I had no idea about that. So weird. It's also ABC Family - so far my Netflix embargo is going well.

Hubby and I have decided that any movie that starts out with a Christmas song gets an A for effort and is going to be good. And a pop cover of 12 days of Christmas? Winner. Once we had decided this, we took a short break for the procuring of Milo and honey cakes. That is not a euphemism. We needed snack restockage. After 'play' was hit again, I took back my winner and decided that was a terrible version of that song and waited patiently for it to be over.

We start out this movie with Kate Stanton (Amy Smart, who I know from a million things and can't place her at all) in a situation that had me rolling my eyes and wanting to throw honey cakes at the screen. Kate is determined to get her ex-boyfriend back. We have no idea why the broke up, how they broke up, or how long before they'd broken up. But she is happy to go to extraordinary lengths to win him back - honestly, how well is she paid to be spending US$250 on a sweater for an ex? And where can I apply? Only catch is that Kate has a blind date that night too that's an obligation to her step-mum. Of course, on the blind date, she actually answers the call from he ex and arranges to meet him in front of her blind date. When she meets the ex, surprise! He has a new girlfriend he's about to propose to. So she gets the dog - forever? - and there's pretty much no way the ex is going to take her back.

Can I just say that I was into Miles as soon as he opened his mouth? The guy has a quick, sassy wit that I am totally down for. He exudes confidence but not in an arrogant way. And he has ZERO patience for Kate's rudeness and totally tattles on her. I was pretty much in love with him from the outset, tbh.

So, how does Kate plan on getting out of this mess she's landed herself in? Luckily, she doesn't have to. This movie isn't called 12 Dates of Christmas for nothing. I had a brilliant time watching all the clues that she was going to see again and realise it was the same day. It was super fun. The only thing I was a bit surprised by was the return point - the bit where she always woke up to relive the day again. In hindsight, it was obvious, but when we went for round two I was a little let down for some reason. It also took me far too long to realise that there was a hint in the first frame of each run that told you which number they were up to - I only noticed when there were kids with geese hats on and I wondered why the heck there were kids with geese on their heads. Six kids. Then it hit and I felt like a total goober.

Now, it took Kate far too long to not only realise that Miles was quite good, but to then let go of her ex. I got a little bit worried at about the seventh run because I wasn't sure how she was going to keep cocking it up. But, I have to say that the ending was perfect and I will definitely be rewatching it. It was lovely. Just lovely. It was hilarious. It was funny. It had messages galore but not shoved down your throat. She became a wonderfully better person, stopped bloody chasing a guy who didn't want her and realised what a great guy who did want her looked like. There was some family growth as well and friends growth which was sweet.

All around it far surpassed my expectations and was deliciously festive to boot. So, my rating? I had trouble with this. I felt like, compared to my other reviews, I couldn't quite give it a 5 because I didn't jump out of my seat in excitement, but it was far better than a 4. Which left me with 4.5/5 golden rings.

If you've got a suggestion for a movie, leave it in the comments. You can find the play-by-play below the trailer.

You can check out the trailer below (fingers crossed there isn't any regional bollocks that gets in the way).

12 Dates of Christmas brain vomit:

  • We start with a pop version of the 12 days of Christmas. Good start.

  • We then took a pause for milo and honey cakes. And no, that is not a euphemism.

  • Oh, nope. That's a terrible version of this song. She is trying way too hard.

  • What is her situation. I'm confused. Who are Jack and Max?

  • I like jam.

  • It's a secret doesn't need thought. It's an obligation.

  • Jack is the ex..okay. Oh duh, the blurb 🙄

  • Life plans. For people who don't actually live.

  • Rofl - she's hilarious.

  • Oh, god. She is not setting herself up for failure at all. She is just a little bit sad, isn't she? Don't chase a guy who doesn't want you. You ARE better than that.

  • Is this a US thing that you just spray perfume in people's faces? What if I'm allergic.

  • Oh good, they're setting up all the things she'll recognise/avoid as she relives the day over and over. I do so enjoy those scenes.

  • What? Nothing happened on the...ah there's the neighbour!

  • That was not very many things… Or was I not paying attention?

  • Hm...Miles isn't bad.

  • White wine? Yawn.

  • Well, he's quick. I like it. I like him. I'm down for this.

  • Don't chase an ex on a blind date, you numpty.

  • OMG, he isn't okay with it! She is so thick. I'm not rooting for her at all atm. I AM rooting for Miles, though.

  • HA! He's got a new lady friend.

  • Wait. What's happening with the dog? Is he giving her the dog? Hubby was talking and I don't wanna rewind.

  • I rewound.

  • They're going where and she has Max? Is that forever or just for the night? Bloody mumbling!

  • Good on you, Miles. You dob on her.

  • Right on, Sally.

  • Oh, her relive only starts at the spray? 🙄 Seriously? Ugh.

  • That was a cute moment. Naw.

  • Oh, damn. Yet another glorious foot on mouth from Kate.

  • She is making it really hard for me to root for her, tbh. I want to...but...

  • Ugh. Enough about Jack! Get over him. He's marrying someone else already. And he seems so bland and boring and ugh.

  • That's quite a nice moment in the bar - but why did she do that and then say she was still trying to get back with her ex…?

  • And a nice bit with her neighbour.

  • There are two things that could happen if I'm enjoying a movie. Either I have a hundred thoughts or none. This is one of those movies I get caught up in. I'm not as excited about it as some others, but I'm excited and I want to know what happens, how it all plays out.

  • How did she know which shop he got the ring from…? Do they only have one jewelry store?

  • Now it's time to let go? She's decided now?

  • Who is Toby?? What does he know?

  • There is some nice symmetry though.

  • She must have a really high paying job to keep giving Jim that $250 sweater…

  • What is she doing now? A tree? Rofl. Poor Miles.

  • Naw. She's being a better human. Now I'm rooting for her.

  • This can't be the last one. It's going too well.

  • Oh, they're holding hands.

  • Told you. But no partridges. Rude.

  • What does she have to do? A better first date?

  • She is making so many random friends.

  • Why do those kids have GEESE on their… 😱😱😱😱 ERMAGHERD!!! ERMAGHERD!! I've been missing the things. The song things.

  • Rofl - she's at the crisis point.

  • Swans! It's going up. The rings were the...right. So now I know how much longer we have.

  • Oh, snap. That took a turn. Naw, but another turn.

  • Ah, the obligatory ice skating scene. Excellent.

  • OMG, Nancy's not all that.

  • Naw. She weawy likes him.

  • Aw... she's found her damned purpose. Finally. It only took until ten. Also where are my leap...there they are! Rofl.

  • Naw. The guy who gives you his coat.

  • What did she do this time?!

  • Okay, we're on 12. Now she many hours to help everyone? Let's do this.

  • Don't get him to take the glasses off 🙄 that's glassesist.

  • Naw...neighbour and Jim.

  • That's...not… that's an answer.

  • ABC Family, hey?

  • Well, that was just lovely. Just lovely. I'm torn. I was better than a 4, but maybe not quite a 5? It was wholesome and heartwarming and so sweet.

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