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On the tenth day of Christmas...

...I have a new obsession.

24 days of Christmas

Each day of Christmas, I'll be reviewing a Christmas movie and sharing a new Christmas outfit. Today's shirt is made all the more spectacular by the fact that my boob makes the Christmas tree totally wonky. I'm also doing something weird with my left arm that has nothing to do with aggravated RSI.

You also do not want to know what the husband was talking about while taking this particularly glorious set of photos. But at least it got me smiling.

On day 10, I review a movie I forgot was coming out. I've done another stream of consciousness at the end, so scroll on by the dot points to the trailer if you don't want potential spoilers (tbh, it may be so rambly the spoilers are rendered null and void).

A Cinderella Story: Christmas Wish - 5/5 candy canes

This movie was so good, I'm awarding it festive candy canes instead of stars. After The Royal Baby's dismal performance, I was feeling terrible and totally expected this movie would suffer a carryover annoyance. Within the first scene, I was bolstered, I was full of Christmas cheer, and I was totally ready for whatever this next Cinderella Story threw at me.

I have to say, from the outset, I am a massive fan of the Cinderella Story franchise. I regularly binge watch the first four in a whole day and can honestly never get enough of them. When they seemed to get into their groove of being about aspiring musicians and dancers, I thought it was an interesting direction from the first. But, by Christmas Wish, I am well and truly there for it. I love that theme and would be absolutely heartbroken if they took it away.

Christmas Wish starred Laura Marano and Gregg Sulkin in the generic Cinderella and Prince Charming roles - this time out as Kat Decker and Dominic Wintergarden. Firstly, their chemistry from the moment they met was on point. I got little heart flutters. It was gorgeous. The smiles. The looks. The shy glances. It was adorable and I honestly just wanted them to hurry up and kiss already.

The backdrop and scenery was perfectly Christmassy and wonderfully Cinderella Story. Kat's best friend Isla was an amazing friend and support, and just a really great character - she was quirky and bubbly as all good Cinderella BFFs are. Likewise, the steps were the same as we've come to know and love from A Cinderella Story. Diedre was the rude, hostile, status-obsessed stepmother. Joy was the social climbing, sycophantic stepsister. And dear Grace was the idiot stepsister who got super excited every time someone said 'Santaland', and look I don't blame her.

There are some nods to the OG Cinderella Story that warmed my heart almost as much as the movie did. They were a brilliant addition. The songs were great - I wondered at the time whether Marano had a Christmas album and seriously hoped she did. I've since added the soundtrack to my Spotify and plan to listen to it on repeat at length for the rest of the month.

I could honestly just gush about how much I loved this movie forever. But instead, I'm going to add in my stream of consciousness waffles for you to enjoy and leave it at 100/10 would recommend. It gets ALL the candy canes this season folks. If I watch a better movie this year, I'm...going to have to come up with something more drastic than eating my hat.

  • See, here's a movie franchise who knows how to brand. It's called font people, look it up.

  • I also like how all of these have turned into singing things

  • Also love the 40s/50s vibe going on.

  • The meet-cute. Naw - love the typical step-sisters in their specific colours where one's a dick and one's an idiot.

  • Isla - love her.

  • OMG, it's totally not Dominic playing Santa! No way! Is it just me or is he hotter is the Santa suit?

  • Oh, her voice! Hello. Totally not live, but amazing.

  • The cheese! The adorable cheese! The lingering glances, the smiles, 😍😍

  • Step-mum's a bit...can you be too OTT when you're a Cinderella step-mum?

  • Naw, Bruno.

  • SNOWGLOBE!!! It's a snowglobe 😍

  • Now that's more natural. Voice is still amazing. Does she have an actual Christmas album? Can she?

  • Oh DomiNIC! That makes sense. I hadn't thought of that…

  • Rofl - Grace's obsession with Santaland. Same, sister.

  • Twistie in a bloody mary? Maybe I'm more like Deidre than I think…?

  • Naw, and he's good with kids?

  • If you can dream it, you can be it?? Another first movie flashback?

  • No invitation to the ball? Oh noes. Also why did he just have another invitation? Are they not...are they not personalised?

  • Naw, a goofy crush smile 😍

  • Rofl - did see 'new Katherine' coming. I actually assumed that was the OG plan?

  • Oh, being nice? Not suspicious at all, Deidre.

  • But...but...the snowglobe was right there!? 😱

  • Oh no! Why did Isla not get one. There you go! She will be there. Phew.

  • Does she...does she not know that Wintergarden or whoever is the guy from the photo books…? Which we also call albums…

  • Rofl - discount Terrible Crews. But still good.

  • Yes. Take off your whole thing. Please.

  • So, strip poker but not poker in any way. Okay. Down for that.

  • ISLA!!! Ruin the moment why don't you?

  • Bunions happened? Damn.

  • Viral because of Joy. Oh my.

  • Garden of Love flowering? Oh dear. Tend that soil. Be a love gardener.

  • Oh, they are so cute. I wanna squish their wittle cheeks.

  • HE'S SINGING. SHE'S SINGING. IT'S A DUET. A FALLING IN LOVE DUET ❤️ A FALLING IN LOVE AT CHRISTMAS DUET. With an adorable dance and bench moves. I'm here for this.

  • Just kiss already!

  • Oh, I love this. I really love this.

  • Creepy, Grace. Creepy.

  • No! Joy's in the dress!

  • Because this wasn't going to be a set up to fail, Dominic 🙄 use your brain, goober.

  • Ha! The reveal is the same as the meet-cute! Naw! Well played.

  • It was a book this time! She left her book behind!

  • I have the heart tingles. I feel like my heart's grown three sizes a la the Grinch. He is so into her 😍

  • No. It's gonna break!

  • But at least the letter fell on the floor for her to find. Find the letter, Kat! Find the letter! Very Princess Diaries and OG Cinderella Story. I love it.

  • Freedom!

  • Future mother in law? Jesus, woman.

  • Not Kat. Not Kat!

  • We can dye it brown? Rofl

  • This is painful. We get the weirdness. Move it along.

  • Oh, no. Don't play doctor in front of dad.

  • She can't just be Kat forever…? Like is she just going to be Kat now? What was the plan here? Poorly planned is what.

  • Hubby's input - elves don't want to just sing and dance. They can be lawyers, too.

  • Give up, Skylar. He's just not that into you.

  • Burn on you, Skylar.

  • Back up dress? Because she sews in five seconds flat. Excellent. I'm suspending all disbelief.

  • Oh, the reveal. Oh my heart. Oh the faces. Oh the smiles. Kiss already and have the curtains open all awkwardly! Do it!

  • Sing together, dammit! DUET!

  • duet then.

  • You do got this!

  • Good thing they had so much drama to deal with or the rest of the dancers wouldn't have had time to change. I love it though.

  • Oh, my heart!

  • This song. The hope. The love. The season.

  • The Cinderella Story people really stepped up with this one. It wasn't tacky, it wasn't eye-rolling, it was super lovely.

  • It IS the bit from the snowglobe on her wrist! Naw!

  • She...she didn't know it was the same Terry Wintergarden? How…?

  • I am also really interested. Interested in them kissing already.

  • Naw, even Terry's adorable. What a good dad.

  • That would be a super cute tradition, though.

  • Oh, the hand! All right, hat's off. Well played. I'll take it. But only because of the little grin before hand.

  • I really want to re-watch that duet again now though. Like that was what Christmas romance is made of.

  • 5/5 Christmas Candy canes.

If you've got a suggestion for a movie, leave it in the comments.

You can check out the trailer below (fingers crossed there isn't any regional bollocks that gets in the way).

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