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'The Maybe Boyfriend' - Christina Benjamin

5 stars.

I received a free copy of this ARC via BookSprout in exchange for an honest review.

Full disclosure, this was my first Christina Benjamin book. But, it will most definitely not be my last. I also went into this thinking it would be much more YA than it was, but I didn't mind in the slightest that the characters were a little older than I'd expected.

From the first page, I loved Megan and Zander seemed almost too good to be true. Just reading their excitement too see each other gave me that warm tingly chest feeling I so well associate with well-matched main characters.

Watching their chemistry and overcoming their uncertainties was a singular pleasure. Megan is a strong, adorably quirky young woman and she made a fantastic female lead; she knows what she wants and what she needs and she puts her first which is a wonderful thing to see in a romance MC. Zander was the perfect book boyfriend - the right amount of broken and passionate that you looked forward to the moment he pulled his head out of his finely toned arse and realised he could have the girl.

I enjoyed this book thoroughly. I think Benjamin did a great job with the character development, the relationship development, and the plot. The crisis point and the resolution was believable and very satisfying. I loved Megan and Zander's story and think they really are perfect for each other, no maybes about it.

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