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Wrapped up with a Bow

Here we are, one and all,

Keeping Up Appearances is a go. This is not a drill. We're live, we're launched, we're available. Well, I'm still available. Can't speak for some people, of course.

Those of you who've missed the news, have a click on over the cover just there and you can find out all about the story of my fair King and his Doll.

The story's got drama and judgment and paint being thrown, some love and just a little bit of pain. There is also me, for which hooray. There is also a significant lack of cookies. But, I'm working on that; the dark side's gotta have cookies after all.

If you want to read Holly and Xander's story, you can find it at all good retailers in print and ebook. Go to you fave ebook retailer by clicking here. And, find the cheapest print retailer for your country by clicking here - just use the flag in the top right-hand corner of the website to select your country. (Booko has most major retailers, but no Amazon AU. Yet.)

Announcement made, bow taken (oh, do behave ;-) ), cookies to be eaten. Peace out, y'all.

Spread Nutella, World,


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