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Now I have to find a date...

It’s release day! Do a little dance… Make a little love… Wait, what was I saying?

What do you say on the day everyone gets to read the story of how your best friend ended up dating your older brother – yuck – ? I guess WOOHOO is standard?

I’m just joshing. It is pretty woohoo, particularly because I’m involved and I look good – I like to think I grow as a person. And, really, I’m happy for Toph and Addy. Really and truly. It’s been a massive adjustment and I don’t think any of us have fought this much in years. But, we’ll get through it. Because, Addy’s the love of my life and Topher’s my (stupid) older brother, and I guess I love him, too.

Except, of course, now she’s been on me about getting a date for the formal, and I’m like, “Babe, it’s fine.” But, she won’t believe me. I’m getting over the fact that she had to go and get a boyfriend which left me dateless. Toph did say Addy and I could still go together and he’d be the third wheel… But, I don’t need to see that. Plus, I’m all supportive now, remember?

So, I have to find a date. I’ve got a couple of ideas as to who could be amenable enough to my charms to say yes. But, we’ve still got months to go. So, I’ll be fine.

In the meantime, get yourself a copy of Addy and Topher’s story, Love, Lust & Friendship (two of those relate to me, thank you very much), and see what all the fuss is about.

Anarchy, dudes,

Ander x

P.S. if you want a paperback copy; it might take a day or two for it to be available everywhere. But, head on over to Amazon or BookDepository, or check out Booko for your cheapest retailer.)

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