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#ThreeOfAKind available now

I'm not sure if this counts as 11 books out now, or only 8 books + 3 novellas, but I'm No Princess Part 3, Three of a Kind, is available NOW at all good online digital book sellers! Unless I've got my timezones wrong again... In which case...SOON!

One inadvisable kiss.

Three supposed suitors. A whole bunch of totally untrue rumours. My sister was always the pretty one. She was supposed to marry a prince. Until I came home, the media went into a ridiculous frenzy, and Lia’s no longer good enough for the job. Marriage Watch is in full effect for the Crown Prince. And, rumours are swirling that I’m on the verge of marrying one of the princes. But, which one? There’s only one I’d want. But, we fight more than we love and are totally incompatible. Plus, he’s meant to marry a future queen. And, I’m barely a lady, let alone a princess.

Only USD$2.99 for this next installment, and it will be available on Kindle Unlimited soon.

Will Dmitri announce his engagement? Who will propose to? Will one of our princes win Anya's heart? The fourth and final (for now) part, Some Proposal, will be out on Feb 14 2019, so be sure to have your pre-order ready so you can find out as soon as possible.

If you like paperbacks as much as me, don't forget that the full collection will be available in paperback from March 15. You can pre-order now from your local Amazon, DookDepository, Barnes & Noble, and more! I will also be selling signed paperback copies from my website. If you want me to reserve you one, let me know or head on over to the website to order your copy now. (Please keep in mind that no copies will be posted before March 8 2019.)

If you're new to the I'm No Princess Novella Series you can learn more at the website, on Goodreads, or Amazon.

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