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On the fifth day of Christmas...

...I'm in no state to show my face.

24 days of Christmas

Each day of Christmas, I'll be reviewing a Christmas movie and sharing a new Christmas outfit. Today, I'm in no fit state to show my face on camera - we tried it, it went poorly. But the good thing about t-shirts is there's no requirement for face showing.

In an effort to compensate, I've included a picture of our house after hubby spent three days putting up the lights. Our house looks like a little gingerbread house, and you can see it as soon as you turn onto the street!

Day five sees me reviewing the first in we call them a series for movies? Either way, with number three out this year, I thought it was time for a rewatch in preparation!

A Christmas Prince - 4/5 stars

I loved this the first time I watched it. I loved it the second time I watched it. And I was post-op delirious the third time I watched it, so still loved it. As soon as I saw the lovely Rose McIver was in it, I jumped on it. Hubby and I love her in iZombie, and it's always nice to support another Kiwi.

McIver plays Amber in this, a junior editor who dreams of becoming a 'real reporter' for her magazine company. In what can only be called a set-up to fail by her boss (honestly it is no job for a junior editor, surely?), Amber is sent to Aldovia to get the latest news on the playboy prince Richard about to become king. Naturally, Amber is clever enough to get herself mistaken for the new tutor for the prince's younger sister, Emily. The set-up is all very predictable and warrants the occasional eyeroll for its lack of originality, but isn't that part of why we watch these movies? We want the familiar told in a new way, and we revel in it.

As per usual in these things, there's romance and intrigue and evil villains out to steal the prince's crown. It's full of fun moments, some of which include Amber attempting archery, as well as some real bonding moments between the characters. Honor Kneafsey portrays Prince Richard's little sister with all the sassy wit and combination of mature immaturity that you want from a princess. She was a really lovely character who I honestly can't wait to see more of.

A Christmas Prince is one of those heartwarming movies you want at this time of year - there's snow, and a castle, and a prince, and ball gowns, and Christmas decorations galore. There's also some horses and a toboggan involved. I enjoy this every time I watch it, I feel every up and down of emotion, and I always have a massive grin on my face. Next up for Amber and Richard is A Christmas Prince 2: the Royal Wedding which I will be reviewing on day seven (just so there isn't three days in a row of A Christmas Prince lol).

If you've got a suggestion for a movie, leave it in the comments.

You can check out the trailer below (fingers crossed there isn't any regional bollocks that gets in the way).

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