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On the ninth day of Christmas...

...I had a tired, so I'm a bit late.

24 days of Christmas

Each day of Christmas, I'll be reviewing a Christmas movie and sharing a new Christmas outfit. I'm a little late with day 9's review and t-shirt because it got tired and ugh. So I've added some reindeer antlers for a bit of extra festive flair. I'm not sure my t-shirt friend approves, though.

I'm also not convinced about the face (my face. The reindeer is adorable). But there's only so many photos I can stand around for before I get impatient. Still, what better way to view the wild and elusive writer than in her natural habitat?

Day nine has me with aggravated RSI after a weekend of gaming, but damn was it worth it. It also sees me dropping a butt-load of spoilers because I'm angry with this movie. So, I'm sorry about that, but this is basically a stream of consciousness of my thoughts as we went along.

A Christmas Prince: the Royal Baby - 2/5 stars

Honestly, I don't know how I feel about this movie. I spent the whole time being angry with it, but had to agree with Hubby when it was over and he said it wasn't the worst film. I might be compelled to give it another go. But I doubt it.

  • So, we're going into this one with some trepidation. If you've seen my review of the first two movies, you know how I felt about them…

  • So, the font is annoying me. Anyone else notice that all three movies have different fonts at the beginning?? And none of them match the movie posters?? The inner formatter in me is itching at the lack of consistency here.

  • Also, why is Amber still writing a blog? Who allowed her to continue unsupervised blogging? I need an answer to this, I need some throw away comment like she knows what's appropriate or not (although not if you listen to movie two - that was the only thing I agreed with Mrs Averil on). I just don't understand!!

  • Oh, the photoshopping humanity! What was with that honeymoon shot?

  • Emily continues slaying - I love her.

  • What happened to Simon's accent?

  • At least they got all the cast back - I like *that* continuity. Even if it meant stupid dad was back.

  • As soon as the baby plan turned up, it was guaranteed to go up in flames.

  • God, the forced laughter *eye roll*

  • But...the sleigh ride. yay?

  • Why are they waiting until NOW to have the 'how to raise a child' conversation?

  • I do NOT want to know what Mrs Averil was doing last Sunday.

  • Okay, so aside from the forced laughter moments where the entire onscreen body chuckle wholesomely, I'm getting more into it.

  • Melissa and Simon are stupid, though. The addition of the Simon and Lin? Just what? It's the love-triangle no one asked for. It is so contrived and forced.

  • Why is Amber signing anything? I get the whole 21st century bit...but royal by marriage? Maybe every single plotline in this would have been solved if she was becoming Queen and he was the reporter?

  • Why are the Queens always called "Queen…" by family members? Is that a royal thing?

  • Hubby thinks they seem unprepared - like the queen would know everything well in advance… I agree

  • What happened to protocol? Why did Amber just 'smack' Queen Ming? You don't just tap a person you've just met?? What?

  • Sahil and Andy?? NO! Relationship, yes. Event business, no.

  • Wifi receiver for the baby monitor…? Sure.

  • Why is Amber's attache attached to the queen mum? I'm waiting on the romance arc a la princess diaries.

  • Forced drama, much?

  • Top of the tree? I can get behind this. Ugh not this Lin nonsense again. She wasn't on Simon's team...then Melissa quit and Lin ended up on his

  • Enough investigative journalism!! You were a junior editor, ffs.

  • Naw, Mr Little just got all the points.

  • I just don't care enough about Melissa or Andy. We haven't seen enough of them or their relationship with Amber. They started out as just colleges then were all of a sudden her best/only friends in the world?

  • Okay, so the baby shower was lovely. That song was a bit eh after Queen Ming made a beanie in an afternoon, though.

  • What the heck's going on with two kings building a crib? In the middle of the baby shower? While I want to believe all parents want to do that to some degree, I doubt two kings would be allowed.

  • Now it's not just espionage but a ghost story too. Oh, good.

  • I am glad to see Tom's back. Super happy for Emily and would love for them to have their own movie. With less melodrama would be lovely.

  • What the actual hell? She faints after making a bullseye? Why?

  • Is it just me as a childless old woman, or does this movie make pregnant women out to be utterly fragile and useless? She hasn't been that busy, has she? And worrying her baby's going to be...what? Disabled for being born two weeks early? I was a month early, I'm not that bad. Two weeks does not a curse make.

  • And of course Queen Ming used to work at a maternity hospital.

  • I just… I promised myself I'd go into this full of positivity and optimism, but it really didn't last very long.

  • It would not have locked!! FFS. That kind of lock needs a huge key turned miles around for it to lock.

  • Why is everyone there while she's in labour just drinking and watching??

  • Actually relationship no, Sahil treats Andy like shit.

  • Why is the key still in the dungeon?

  • Why did her falling crack the...what is that? A toilet?

  • Of course there's no ghost!

  • And of course the queen mum knows how to pick locks with a Bobby pin 🙄

  • Mr Little! No! Okay, that one took me by surprise and I'm actually quite disappointed.

  • Is it not inhumane to lock a guy up in a legit medieval dungeon?

  • Have we forgotten that Amber's in labour? There's no time for a proposal I don't care about. And no time to sign a treaty? I'm sure the midnight deadline is arbitrary enough they can wait until she gives birth. Jesus-H-Christ. If they both agree to still sign? Extenuating circumstances weren't written into the treaty? Bad contract. They should get better lawyers.

  • Oh my God, Mrs Averil. Get on with it!

  • Nice 'sweat' Amber. At least they tried.

  • Good to hear they're not the proud parents of an old baby girl 🙄

  • How did Rudy get there so quickly??

  • So...I suppose it wasn't the worst movie in the world. It was kitch and cutesy and it was heartwarming. I think many of the plot threads would have been better if we spent more time with the friends so I actually cared about them at all. And if it wasn't quite so overacted.

If you've got a suggestion for a movie, leave it in the comments.

You can check out the trailer below (fingers crossed there isn't any regional bollocks that gets in the way).

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