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Is this thing on?

Hello, world! Roman, here. Large and in charge ;)

Okay, so I might have hijacked the blog for today. But in my defense, Barlow didn't expressly tell me not to... There was some finger pointing and that adorable little frown she gives me (don't tell her I said that; I'll have to sit through all of John's movies a hundred more times each), but I wasn't actually forbidden.

Anyhoo, I wanted to be the one to let you all know that we are finally live! As in, available the world over for your...pleasure *wink wink*. (Okay, no. I'm a taken man and behaving myself, but old habits die hard.)

(Maddy wants me to say hi from her and let you know she's even better at cartwheels now. I tried telling her that wouldn't make sense to you because you haven't read it yet... But she's six, what are you going to do? Just smile and seems to work.)

Right! Now, if you haven't already, get your hands on a copy of our story with

those little images to the side, there. If I do say so myself, I'm wonderful and Barlow's okay I guess. [Ow! Mads!] All right, fine! (nancy wanker words time) Barlow is amazing; always has been, always will be. [Happy?]

If you've missed all the hype and have no idea what I'm talking about, you can visit the product page for my book-- [Okay!] Elizabeth's book by clicking on the cover image.

Oh, one last thing! If you want to see what Barlow and I are up to later on in life, send Elizabeth a link to your review to get access to a special, unavailable-anywhere-else catch-up.

But seriously, give us a read! I'm gorgeous ;)

No judgements. No apologies.

Roman :P

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