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Where's [my] head at?

Hey all,

Long time, no write. Wow, what a month - and so not necessarily in a good way... But, a little in a good way.

Writing Progress Update:

*snort* Well, I'm only a month behind schedule. So, you know. Not so bad. Keeping Up Appearances is finally making proper progress though, so that's a plus. And, the pre-orders are flying in, which isn't intimidating and scary in the slightest. I've been very good and not been distracted (much) - except by taking out unnecessary time to have a bit of a waffle just now.

We just have to hope now that no new ideas hit me as I'm finishing it like they did with the last one. I'm pretty sure we're sticking to task here. I don't know that you can ever really say you stuck to the plan - okay, no, lots of writers can say they stuck to the plan - but, I think I'm going to be pretty pleased with the finished product. You can check out the Spotify playlist here, if you feel so inclined.

A Reading Update:

I am so far behind. Like in life. But, also reading. I have three ARCs due (not counting all the other things I've promised to read and want to read) and I don't even remember the last thing I read that wasn't my own ramblings. Still, finger's crossed I'll get to read a proper book soon - and I'm going to need to get out of my own head soon.

Release Rambles:

So, Roman was unleashed on the world in Accidentally Perfect about four weeks ago and he's going amazingly! So many people have picked up a copy that I am feeling seriously in awe. And, the reception? I'd hoped that the world was going to love him as much as me and, so far, so many people do. I'm humbled and excited and so happy.

Xander, on the other hand... Well, he will definitely be available on June 1, but he's not being the easiest about it. Still, I am so close I can see the end in sight, I can practically smell it (and, it smells like pancakes). It will be a damned miracle if I get through this and remember where I left my head. But, I do have to thank my very patient beta readers - you're comments on part one were great and I am so sorry part 2 is taking so damn long. Fingers crossed, Xander keeps behaving himself and part two will be ready tomorrow!


So, my first sales announcement! Are we excited? Well, probably only US and UK residents... Those lucky people will be able to buy all my ebooks for 0.99 on Amazon between 16 and 23 May. What about everyone else, you ask? Trust me, I get it, Amazon needs to let us run sales on all marketplaces. Well, No More Maybes will be on sale across all sales channels (God willing) but won't be available on Kindle Unlimited from May 8. Head on over to the book page in a day or so to see all the new places you'll be able to buy it from May 9.

Read, write, and live well,

x iz

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