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3 starts, 1 finish and a sticker.

Hey all,

So, things have been chuffing along not too badly - I've been hit with a couple of cases of the dreaded lurgy (did you know, constantly sneezing isn't really conducive to writing?), but all books have been finished on time.

And, last week was pretty productive in the land of Iz; Love, Lust & Friendship is ready for release on Friday in print and eBook, and I've started three new stories (one of which is actually a trilogy. So, does that make it five books?). I have three complete new outlines and the first 15,000 or so words on one of them. So, keep in touch for more updates on those as the weeks go on - I'm pretty excited about it all and will hopefully have a good little store of books for release next year. Book Week 2018 went spectacularly well, although speaking to over 200 teenagers was a terrifying if amazing experience. But, they were all great and I had an amazing week. Not to mention, I got to write among books between talks - absolute heaven!

My last piece of exciting news for the week is that Accidentally Perfect has won an award! Well, sort of :) It was a finalist in the Readers' Favorite Book Awards in the Young Adult - Coming of Age category. So, that's pretty exciting :) Check out the cover with its pretty new sticker! --> Love, Lust & Friendship hits e-readers and shelves on Friday. If you haven't taken advantage of the special eBook pre-order price, click here (discount available on all platforms until Friday Sept 7, 2018).

Don't forget, you can join me on Wattpad to read snippets of my published books, peruse some of my short stories, as well as partial and full-length works in progress. Find me @writeriz. Anyhoo, that's all for now. Read, write, and live well, x iz

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